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Twilight Garden Wax

Weekly Sampler Pack Wax Melts Tarts April 19

Weekly Sampler Pack Wax Melts Tarts April 19

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This 12 oz ounce package of wax melts contains 1 oz chunks of each of the scents released this week.  You will receive a total of 12 wax melts with one of each scent listed below.

Marilyn: is scented in a delicious blend of iced champagne mixed with sweet raspberry and tart cranberries.

Rustic Barn Wedding: It is a woodsy blend of cedar wood, patchouli, amber, wet soil, minerals, mushrooms, moss, pink peonies and musk.

Paradise Beach: It is an exotic blend of fresh star fruit, frangipani, water lily, coconut and musk It is an exotic blend of fresh star fruit, frangipani, water lily, coconut and musk

Mermaid Lagoon: It is an airy blend of marine notes, sea moss, citrus, water mint, tropical flowers, vetiver and cedar wood.

Rose Milk: It is a delicious blend of coconut cream, berries, apples, rose petals, fresh figs, cashmere, and spun sugar.

Pupano Beach: It's a fruity blend of ripe peach, strawberry, mango, water lily, rose violet and musk.

Peach Island Laundry: It is a fresh blend of juicy peach, green fruit, amber, musk and woods

Farmer's Market: It is a delicious blend of citrus, apple, sugar, violet, peach and musk.

Pink Lavender Skies: It  is scented in a lovely blend of lavender, raspberry, pink sugar, lemon, bergamot, apple, lotus blossoms, sandalwood and amber

Lavender Beach: It is scented in a blend of Lavender and Salty Sea Air. 

Limoncello Laundry: It’s a yummy blend of sugared lemon, orange, mountain air, cotton, violet, sweet cyclamen, lilies, jasmine and  sandalwood. 

Banana Cream Donut: the delicious scent of a soft donut filled with banana cream rolled in sweet cinnamon sugar and topped with nuts.

To use: just  scoop some of the wax into your favorite warmer and enjoy! The wax will not need a long cure time, you can melt it a few days to a week after the pour date (which is listed right on the package.) Please be sure to use the appropriate amount of wax for your melter I recommend a melter 18w or greater to get the best out of your melts. Please use caution melting any wax around children and pets as it gets quite hot. My wax is made in small batches and hand poured, so there may be variations in the color and shape of the wax. Due to some locations and seasons you may find that the wax has softened and re-hardened during transport. Please know that this is normal and the quality and performance of the wax is not affected. _________________________________________________________________ *Hand poured in Celebration, Florida *Includes premium fragrances *May contain glitter and mica *For use in wax/tart melters only

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