Open Box Information

Please note: the amount of time an open box will be kept has changed and is listed below, this will take effect with all boxes opened after 8/25/21.

An Open Box is when you make a purchase and I keep the box open and you are able to continue adding to it without paying additional shipping. An open box will automatically close after 3 purchases or 2 months, whichever comes first.  You may also request to have it shipped sooner.  Once a box has closed you will need to pay shipping on future orders, of course you are always welcome to do another open box and pay the one time shipping fee when you open it. I am offering this for customers who want to make multiple purchases and save on shipping.


To create an Open Box:

Make a purchase and at check out select the open box flat rate shipping option which is $10 (The same as flat rate shipping.) Be sure to set up an account on my website before or during checkout, as you will not be able to combine orders without an account. If you do not select the Open Box shipping rate at check out your order will be shipped now and you will not be able to combine orders.  If you would like an Open Box be sure to use the proper shipping option at checkout as I do ship very quickly.  If you change your mind you can always close it out and have it shipped without making any more purchases.


To Add on to your Open Box:

Start by logging in to your account, click on the Existing Open Boxes category and add the Open Box Add on or Close listing to your cart. (if you skip this step you will not be able to access the free shipping for your add ons.)  Add all of your products to your cart that you want to add to your open box. 

If you want to continue to add on to your box select this shipping option: Open Box Keep Adding On - HOLD, do NOT ship now!

If you want to close your box select this shipping option: Ship and Close Open Box! SHIP NOW

If you have an open box and would like to close it without adding any more items:

Log in and add the Open Box add on or close listing to your cart and check out using this shipping option: Ship and Close Open Box! You do not need to add any products to close your box out if you are done and ready for your order to ship.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact me.


If you do not have an open box already pone but choose the keep open box option your order will immediately be cancelled as the flat rate shipping fee must be paid on the first order to begin an open box.